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The aim:
The creation of the mechanisms of a long-term cooperation in terms of joint recognition and solving problems which occur outside the boundaries of one commune (an administrative unit), i.e. the action on the supralocal layer.

The scope:
The formulation of the planning documents for the functional area for the general strategy as well as 3 sector strategies:

1. The Development Strategy for the Functional Area – Nyskie Partnership 2020

2. The Development Strategy for the Transport Functional Area – Nyskie Partnership 2020

3. The Strategy for the Functional Labour Market – Nyskie Partnership 2020

4. The Strategy for the Social and Functional Development - Nyskie Partnership 2020

taking into consideration the necessity to hold public consultations when the documents are created and enacted.

The functional area is the area which is formed by the Partners of the project. The formulated planning documents will refer to all Partners. The formulated planning documents will describe equally each of the Partners of the Project.
For the purpose of the realisation of this Project, the Partners established the rule which states that all benefits and costs involved in the realisation of the task will be divided between the Partners. The rule also refers to to the factual input and the engagement which are substantial in realising the Project. On that account, it has been decided that the Project will be realised from the beginning until the end by all Partners.

Nyskie Partnership is a prospective initiative which focuses on the joint actions aiming at:
1) strengthening the territorial cohesion of the Partnership - the functional area,
2) solving problems which occur in the functional area in a joint manner,
3) supporting and initiating the integrated planning (joining investments) as far as the functional area is concerned,
4) encouraging to share experiences and practice among the Partners.
The Partnership consists of:
3 Districts: Głubczyce, Nysa and Prudnik
14 Communes: Nysa (The Leader of the Partnership), Biała, Branice, Głubczyce, Głuchołazy, Grodków, Kietrz, Korfantów, Lubrza, Łambinowice, Otmuchów, Paczków, Prudnik, Skoroszyce.

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